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SNSC Happy New Year
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   Time flies, and with the arrival of year 2018, Jinan Shine International Trade Co.,Ltd has been gone through a journey of decade since its establishment in year 2008.Thanks all for your trust and support in past decade.

   In past 10 years, we stood on solid ground and kept forging ahead. We paid sweat and hard work, but we also harvested laughter and happiness.

   It was hard to go through the wind and rain, but we walked side by side and finally we survived. In the future, although we will face various difficulties, we will be bravely and do it better.

   We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of board of directors, we will be able to accomplish all the task successfully. And we also believe that as long as we work together tightly, tomorrow will be more beautiful.

   SNSC, beyond your needs.